July 09, 2007

Black and White... A Day in New York City

Back in my college days, I bought the most expensive equipment for my hobby... a Nikon FM SLR camera. It cost more than USD$800 at that time... which was a lot more than what a starving college kid can afford. At that time, my love for black and white photography was more important than anything else! Anyway, that Nikon SLR camera is still stored in a box in my garage... it has been there for 2 decades now... think, I will endow it to the Smithsonian come the next decade.

Recently, I discovered that my already obsolete Nikon 2.0 MP Digital Coolpix has a setting for taking black and white photographs. Back in the old days, I would develop my own B & W's in the dark room but in today's digital age, it is a matter of tapping a couple of keys on the computer. So, I thought I'd give it a try.... I'd always preferred B & W to colors. There is something that B & W can capture in an image that color photography cannot. I think that contrasts, textures and even emotions are more conspicuous and better exposed in B & W.

Brooklyn Bridge

Jammin' in Greenwich Village

Do not leave your bicycle
unattended in SOHO

St. Grace Catheral

At the MET........

The Guggenheim

Seaport looking towards
Brooklyn Heights




terr@hungerhunger said...

hey u still have those skills...very good pics! didn't realise i was dressing like u in Macau, lol!

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Oi! u still have ur talent/eye for good pics! i've 4gotten all the camera skills we learnt on tt course at U of M. would u recommend a Canon or Nikon DSLR? I'm covetting a Nikon for the prestige but am told a Canon is better...what do u think? N u know what? I think i subconciously dressed like u in Macau!