July 22, 2007

Vieux Montreal, Nouveau Montreal

The road trip from New York to Montreal on I-87 took six hours. The drive through the Adirondack Mountains was very scenic... very green... reminded me of the rainforests in Borneo. I took a detour into the town of Schroon Lake for gas. There, I stumbled upon the little town of Adirondack where the infamous ergonomic summer lawn Adirondack Chair was first conceived.

Montreal is clean, cultured, ultra-modern and bilingual. The architecture of the skyscrapers is impressive, contemporary and innovative. Old Montreal is cobblestoned-streets, neo-Gothic catherals and old European architecture. Old Port on the St. Lawrence River bears a resemblance to Venice. For those of you who are geographically-challenged, Montreal is an island....

Old Town Montreal

Rue St. Paul ===>

Churches & Cathedrals of Montreal

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Old and The New

Canadian Center for Architecture

Bernard Rudofsky Exhibit

Wanted for Murder ==>
Graffiti sprayed-painted at McGill University.....
French Canadiens dislike him too!

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