July 31, 2007

Land of Patriots and Red Coats - Boston

Boston is the "Cradle of Liberty" and the place where ideas for the American Revolution were first pre-conceived. It is rich in American colonial history... where Patriots staged the "Boston Tea Party" and Red Coats battled on Bunker Hill. It is the place where the spirit of "No Taxation without Representation" originated.

Boston is home to the USS Constitution, old Gothic churches and the first public school in America. Boston is Paul Revere, Peter Faneuil, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, JFK, Mitt Romney, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and 60 colleges of higher learning.

Freedom Trail

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Beacon Hill and "Where everybody knows your name......"

1) Faneuil Hall is the first American architecturally-designed building formally designed by architect-painter, John Smibert in 1742 2) Faneuil Hall in 1776

1) The Big Dig ..... Engineering mess or marvel? 2) The Big Dig Administrators' Building

Colorful Boston

The Traveler at the Boston Architecture Center

1) Trinity Church 2) Old South Church 3) Granary Burial Ground

Organic and Orgasmic Food Experience?? (see last food review at the bottom of glass window of restaurant in the Italian North End) and Chanterelle Mushroom at US$40/lb

Red Coats marching by Paul Revere's House....

Jewish Holocaust Memorial..... Poignant and Provoking!

1) Malaysian cuisine in Boston - Penang Restaurant 2)Ye' Old Irish Pub

The Road to Harvard


VE RI TAS - To Harvard Prospect/MBA Wannabes: If you don't know what "Ve Ri Tas" means or what language it is, don't bother applying for admission.... you will never get accepted!!

Mr. John Harvard and his Yard on campus

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