April 22, 2007

The Long Road Home......

The journey to my mother's birth village, Tianmen-150 miles south of Wuhan, was somewhat agonizing for all of us. We have had 24-48 hour episodes of continuous "barfing and purging". Being 81, the journey was physically very hard for my mother..... she was eventually admitted into the Tianmen Government Hospital No.1. After 8 long gruesome hours, she was treated with antibiotics, glucose I.V for dehydration and discharged. The very next day, I ended up in the same hospital for the same treatment... except that I opted out of the Glucose I.V. Why?.... the hospital sanitary conditions were far less than award-winning!!

Despite the ailments we were affected with, we visited my mother's cousins and my grandfather's house (see pic above) in the rice fields. When we were at my grandfather's house, an old man who lives next door, approached and told us that he was my mother's playmate when they were toddlers. The old man never left.... he has lived in the same house for 80 over years!


Poultry Barn

Rice and Canola Fields

Images of Wuhan

The Pristine East Lake of Wuhan

Yellow Crane Temple

Wuhan Bridge crossing the mighty Yangtze


Terri Hong said...

hey u r very brave 2 venture into the village. I could never do tt, i'd rather die than have to use their toilets! But i envy ur being able to see places like tt..

Terri Hong said...

Love ur pics, the framing, subject, composition...